Resources (mostly software) I have made available.


Easy-to-use business expense tracker for Android.

ExpenseClam for Android

RSyncBackup a Python module to perform automated backups using rsync.

SimpleTAL is a stand alone implementation of the TAL specification (AKA Zope Page Templates) for Python.

PubTal is the templating system used to create this site.

WSGIUtils is a package of standalone utility libraries that ease the development of simple WSGI programs.

TimeFormat is an alternative to the Python time.strftime() function.  It supports a richer set of formatting characters, and works more consistently across platforms.

BeOSMailToMbox.  A standalone Python script for converting BeOS Mail format (i.e. single file per email) to standard Unix mbox format.

DeskNotes (Archived)  The Desktop Notes Application for BeOS

Dirc (Archived)A Java (1.0.2) IRC Client.

TALAggregator (Archived) is a multi-user, web based RSS aggregator.

Taglines  Little one liners for the bottom of mail/news.

Acronyms.  Explains all those TLA's and more.


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