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close() - Method in class com.owlfish.forestbus.ForestClient
Closes all connections to the cluster.
ClusterID - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetClusterDetailsResults
clusterID - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.ReceiveMessagesArgs
clusterID - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.SendMessagesArgs
ClusterIDMismatchException - Exception in com.owlfish.forestbus
ClusterIDMismatchException is thrown if the Client has been configured with a different cluster ID to the one on the server.
ClusterIDMismatchException() - Constructor for exception com.owlfish.forestbus.ClusterIDMismatchException
ClusterIDMismatchException(String, String) - Constructor for exception com.owlfish.forestbus.ClusterIDMismatchException
code - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.ResultInfo
code is zero for success, non-zero for an RPC specific error message.
com.owlfish.forestbus - package com.owlfish.forestbus
The Java client for making calls to a Forest Bus cluster (see
commitIndex - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetTopicDetailsResults


description - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.ResultInfo
description contains an English language description of what the error was.


extra1 - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.ResultInfo
extra1 is used in some RPC calls to return additional information about the error.


firstIndex - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetTopicDetailsResults
ForestBusException - Exception in com.owlfish.forestbus
Base class for all exceptions thrown by Forest Bus.
ForestBusException() - Constructor for exception com.owlfish.forestbus.ForestBusException
ForestBusException(String) - Constructor for exception com.owlfish.forestbus.ForestBusException
ForestClient - Class in com.owlfish.forestbus
The ForestClient provides a multi-thread safe client for interfacing to a Forest Bus cluster of nodes.
ForestClient(String, String[]) - Constructor for class com.owlfish.forestbus.ForestClient
Creates a ForestClient ready for use.


GetClusterDetailsResults - Class in com.owlfish.forestbus
Used by forestbus.Client to receive the RPC response with details fo the cluster configuration.
GetClusterDetailsResults() - Constructor for class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetClusterDetailsResults
getMessages(String, long, int, boolean) - Method in class com.owlfish.forestbus.ForestClient
getMessages takes the topic, the index, target quantity and a wait flag (boolean) and returns messages from the cluster.
GetMessagesResult - Class in com.owlfish.forestbus
GetMessagesResult contains the results of calling getMessages.
GetMessagesResult() - Constructor for class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetMessagesResult
GetTopicDetailsArgs - Class in com.owlfish.forestbus
GetTopicDetailsArgs is used internally by forestbus.Client to package the RPC call to Forest Bus to retrieve topic information.
GetTopicDetailsArgs() - Constructor for class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetTopicDetailsArgs
GetTopicDetailsResults - Class in com.owlfish.forestbus
GetTopicDetailsResults is used internally by forestbus.Client to recieve results of the RPC query to query information regarding a topic.
GetTopicDetailsResults() - Constructor for class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetTopicDetailsResults
getTopicMaxAvailableIndex(String) - Method in class com.owlfish.forestbus.ForestClient
Returns the maximum index available in the given topic.


id - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.ReceiveMessagesArgs
ids - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.SendMessagesResults


lastIndex - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetTopicDetailsResults


nextID - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetMessagesResult
The next available ID.
NoNodesAvailableException - Exception in com.owlfish.forestbus
NoNodesAvailableException is thrown by forestbus.Client when it is unable to find a server node that can service the request.
NoNodesAvailableException() - Constructor for exception com.owlfish.forestbus.NoNodesAvailableException


Peers - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetClusterDetailsResults


quantity - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.ReceiveMessagesArgs


receievedMessages - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetMessagesResult
cotains an array of byte arrays with the messages retrieved.
ReceiveMessagesArgs - Class in com.owlfish.forestbus
ReceiveMessagesArgs is used interally by forestbus.Client to package up the arguments for the RPC call to retrieve messages from Forest Bus.
ReceiveMessagesArgs() - Constructor for class com.owlfish.forestbus.ReceiveMessagesArgs
Result - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetClusterDetailsResults
result - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetMessagesResult
contains detailed result information that should not normally be of interest.
result - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetTopicDetailsResults
result - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.SendMessagesResults
ResultInfo - Class in com.owlfish.forestbus
ResultInfo encapsulates the detailed result information for calls to Forest Bus RPC services.
ResultInfo() - Constructor for class com.owlfish.forestbus.ResultInfo


sendMessages(String, byte[][], boolean) - Method in class com.owlfish.forestbus.ForestClient
sendMessages sends a batch of messages to the Forest Bus cluster.
SendMessagesArgs - Class in com.owlfish.forestbus
SendMessagesArgs is used internally within forestbus.Client to package up the arguments for the RPC call to send messages to Forest Bus.
SendMessagesArgs() - Constructor for class com.owlfish.forestbus.SendMessagesArgs
SendMessagesResults - Class in com.owlfish.forestbus
SendMessagesResults is used internally by forestbus.Client to capture the RPC results of sending messages to Forest Bus.
SendMessagesResults() - Constructor for class com.owlfish.forestbus.SendMessagesResults
sentMessages - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.SendMessagesArgs


topic - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetTopicDetailsArgs
topic - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.ReceiveMessagesArgs
topic - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.SendMessagesArgs
TopicNotFoundException - Exception in com.owlfish.forestbus
TopicNotFoundException is thrown when a requested topic is not available on the server.
TopicNotFoundException() - Constructor for exception com.owlfish.forestbus.TopicNotFoundException
Topics - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.GetClusterDetailsResults


waitForCommit - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.SendMessagesArgs
waitForMessages - Variable in class com.owlfish.forestbus.ReceiveMessagesArgs
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