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To use TALAggregator you will need to have installed the following pieces of software.  Most of these will come pre-installed with your operating system, or are easily available.  TALAggregator has been tested under Debian, but should work under other Unix like systems.

Python 2.x Tested under Python 2.1 and 2.3
Logging Library A logging library for Python.  Included in Python 2.3.
SimpleTAL TAL templating system - requires version 3.1 or higher.
mxDateTime Date/Time library - required for easy database integration.
MySQL-Python Python access to MySQL.  Requires version 0.92 or higher.
MySQL The MySQL database.
Apache The webserver.
MOD_PYTHON Python-Apache integration.

Version history

Version 0.5


  • Various character set issues resolved.
  • Fix for Mod Python 3 (thanks to Bill Eldridge)

New Features:

  • Categories are now supported.
  • TCP timeout supported under Python 2.3.

Version 0.4


  • Unicode errors when handling VARCHAR columns

Version 0.3


  • Display layout errors with feed images.
  • lastBuildDate not recorded properly.

New Features:

  • User-Agent identifies the aggregator.
  • Test cases for RSS Parser.
  • Unified parser for XML and SGML.

Version 0.2

Display bug fix, now shows discovery date rather than article date.

Version 0.1

Initial release.

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