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May 31st, 2001

By taking the thoughts that I had last night and spending a little time with python I now have a cross-platform,template based web-log solution. At least that is how I would describe it with my marketing hat on!

The system is actually very crude and simple at this point – but it does work, and it lets me concentrate on the content, design, and layout of the web log rather than worrying about the technology.

May 30th, 2001

Here is a possible example of what the source file for a day might look like.

The formatting of the text is very simple – it should all be typable in Mozilla with little need to drop to the HTML source unless strange stuff needs to be done.

So what have I found today? Despite the large play list I’m finding the same songs keep coming up on Radio Paradise, and so I’m now listening to Radio 1 again.

Looking through Andrea’s web log inspired me to think about writing a web log, and how easy it should be to put together a web log system that requires no server-side support but which can be controlled at the point of publishing. Looking through the pictures made me think of home and my ever so brief visit to Amsterdam.

Writing in the latest build of Mozilla should certainly teach me to save more often, but it hasn’t yet 🙂

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