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December 3rd, 2016

Freedom of movement and the single market

So, the Brexit referendum was a disaster with a slim majority voting to leave the EU. While leaving will significantly weaken Britain, there still remains the option of staying in the single market and retaining freedom of movement.

Why is this important? Most descriptions I’ve seen of the benefits of the single market completely focus on the benefits to businesses. While it is certainly a matter of great concern to businesses, I think there is a strong argument for individuals to be concerned about membership.

Here are my top ten reasons why the average person benefits from freedom of movement and the single market:

  1. Go on holiday anywhere in Europe, bring back anything you want to buy.
  2. Retire to your favourite place in Europe.
  3. Work in Dublin, Berlin or anywhere else in the EU for a day, a week, a month or years with no restrictions.
  4. Have the freedom to live anywhere you want in the EU.
  5. Study anywhere in the EU on the same terms as local students – often for free!
  6. Whether an eBay entrepreneur or small business sell to customers all over Europe with no barriers.
  7. Buy the best from wherever it’s made, in Europe or any of the 50+ countries with free trade agreements.
  8. Make your business a success – employ the best workers from across the continent.
  9. Keep your costs low with no import duties from Europe and beyond.
  10. Be safe selling and buying in the EU knowing that everyone is protected by common EU laws enforced by the ECJ.
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