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March 2nd, 2009

First Post!

Purple Orchids at Kew GardensThe first post of the year, and so far it’s been a busy one. January and February charged past in a blur of social engagements and work. Progress on the house has been halting, but I’ve finally started the redecoration of my study. We’ve picked out the wood burning stove that we want, and have got one quote it and the associated work. The plan is to get another quote and then get the work lined up.

Stoves are still in great demand it would seem. Not just are show rooms still busy, despite the economic gloom, but they are often back-ordered for months. We had always expected to have the work completed only in time for next autumn, so it’s not too much of an inconvenience.

Last weekend we had a trip to Kew Gardens, my first time there. It’s a fabulous place for photography, even this early in the year (although none of my outdoor photos made the cut for the new album).

I’ll be shuttling between Manchester and London for the rest of the month by the looks of things, which will only serve to delay any future posts even further! As an aside for any Wii owners who read this – have a look for the World of Goo on Wiiware, it comes highly recommended.

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