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February 10th, 2003

The long road to valid HTML

On the seventh day he rested, for what he created seemed OK, at least as far as he could tell. The next day was a work day however, so it wasn’t until he got home and updated his weblog software to produce validating HTML that he was reminded, once again, of the perils of releasing software.

Despite my confident pronouncements that version 2.1 of SimpleTAL would output valid HTML, I had, I’m sorry to admit, made an omission. You see for HTML to be valid it requires a document type declaration, and version 2.1 of SimpleTAL, like all those before it, would swallow any document type declaration present in the template.

The good news is that the fix was trivial, and so I also took the opportunity to fix a few other oversights, like comments in HTML, and processing instructions in XML. The new release, version 2.2, does now definitely outputs valid HTML; I’m using it for this very weblog, and this weblog now validates.

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