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February 20th, 2002

Yet another huge gap between updates of my journal! I’ve been messing around with alternative systems for managing my site content, including:

  • Zope and in particular CMF. This doesn’t look to promising yet – there’s very little documentation and it’s not easy to see how to create templates so that I can have different pages that pull in other content. It does however feature web based editing – which I think it probably a good thing!
  • Building a Java GUI for my home made system. Currently it’ll display things in a tree and supports plugins, etc – it just do anything useful yet!
  • Thinking about building a simple web based GUI for editing pages in my home cooked system – this might be the easiest route to a good solution

In other news I had a trip back home to the UK recently – which was great! It’s nice to get back every few months and remind myself of what life there is like 🙂

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