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January 17th, 2003

Release of simpleTAL

The weblog system that I have put together is based on the use of a template language called TAL. TAL is part of Zope the large Python based CMS system, and it relies on various C modules that come as part of Zope. To use TAL I had to write my own implementation or work out a way of making the Zope version work without Zope (others have since done this using the original, but it’s not widely available).

In case this library is of any use to other people I’m putting it up on my website. If you’ve never heard of TAL and do CGI programming in Python, or have other needs for a simple template language for HTML and XML, then take a look. Start with the TAL link above, and then play with my implementation SimpleTAL, if you like it then check out the rest of Zope.

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