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January 20th, 2003

Shoe laces

One of my shoe laces broke this morning, leaving just enough lace left to keep my shoe on my foot. At lunch I went to purchase a replacement shoe lace, and thankfully the local chemist had them. I was expecting that I would have to buy a pair of shoe laces, instead of the one that I needed, but I was wrong. I had, in fact, to purchase two pairs of shoe laces instead.

Shoe laces also come in multiple lengths, with a handy (in-accurate) chart on the packaging indicating what length you may need based on the number of islets your shoes have. Sod’s law – my shoes fall at the upper end of one length recommendation. Still I got the size indicated, and although they are a little on the shy side, they will do. The question remains however why you have to buy two pairs, with a single pair not being an option? How many people have two identically coloured shoes, of the same number of islets, suffer broken laces at the same time? If shoe laces have to be sold four at a time, why can they not at least put two different sizes in the same packet, so that you can buy in the confidence that at least one of them will be correct?

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