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February 18th, 2003

Bits and bobs

So everyone (or a fairly close approximation to that number) knows that Google bought Pyra, the makers of blogger. On numerous different weblogs you can read educated, and otherwise, guesses as to what the future holds and why Google though it was a good idea. You can even read the initial reaction, in a weblog of course, of the guy who started the company and sealed the deal.

Despite all this however, no one seems to have yet commented on the fact that the news made the front page of the BBC this morning (EST morning that is). Consider that:

  1. The BBC doesn’t tend to put companies buying each other out on the front page
  2. Pyra only employed 6 people

Surely this should warrant some kind of record. The challenge now must be for someone to get a company news worthy enough it gets (however briefly) the front page, but with only 5 employees.

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February 18th, 2003

The new look to BBC News

The BBC news site is my main source of mainstream news, and I happened to be trying (and failing) to locate a page on it during the roll-out of their new look. It’s nice and clean looking, with plenty of white space around things.

Of course the ” [an error occurred while processing this directive] ” message on most of the pages spoils the effect, but I’m sure that’s a temporary glitch…

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February 18th, 2003

Tweaks to the site

Robin suggested that I should add the archives link section to each of the monthly archive pages, so making the task of reading through all the posts that much easier. It’s an easy change, so I’ve done it. I’ve also tweaked the CSS sheets, as I thought I might have to, so that the archive link section should now render in IE reasonably well. The gods of syndication are obviously smiling on me this week, because the LJ feed didn’t screw up as I had feared it might when changing the number of articles in the RSS feed.

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