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March 23rd, 2003

Reading the Tesseracts

I’ve started reading the Tesseracts, a collection of short science fiction stories by Canadian authors, that I received at Ad Astra (see Friday). I’m travelling back in science fiction time, having already read (most of) the fourth collection of the series, which I got last year. We now have the third collection as well, with just the second to acquire at some point, maybe next year.

The first story is a variation on the Blade Runner world, not badly written, but not particularly interesting. The second is hard to describe, but I’ll try anyway. Set in a far future with human immortality, the inability to reproduce, a decaying society, an automated baby factory, some off-worlders of indeterminate species, and finally the development of warrior children by encouraging them to fight to the death over Christmas. I doubt I’ve given the plot away somehow…

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