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April 4th, 2003

Deploying LAMP – and holding back the flooding

Deploying a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python/Perl) application is difficult. I’ve just put together the briefest description of how to install my web-based, multi-user, RSS aggregation application – and frankly it requires a Unix administrator to do it. I new it would be difficult (I wrote this for myself, I’m just planning on releasing it on the off chance that someone else might want/need a similar thing), but when you finally write a document which describes the steps it’s driven home.

For a start there are eight different software packages that it depends on, although it’s a fair guess that four of them are installed by the distribution of Linux you are using (in theory this is cross platform, but that’s just one complication too far). Then there is database creation, schema creation, basic configuration data setup, the apache configuration, and finally the application configuration. Then you can log-in to the system and start using it…

I see that there is going to be an attempt to stop the worst of the flooding that happens to Venice. I don’t know enough about the politics and plans surrounding this to comment on the significance of this particular announcement, but it does raise a thought. I wonder how many other dynamic flood defences like this exist in Europe? I know about the Thames Barrier, but there are probably others…

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