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May 6th, 2003

Fun with train times

There’s a fairly detailed rant/analysis of the new on-line rail timetable in The Register and all it’s failings. Some of the things mentioned in the article have already been corrected (for example the ‘Today’ and ‘Tomorrow’ buttons are back), however the best part of the article is the link to the German alternative. Yes you can search for UK train times using the German site, and it’s better than the new UK version!

Not only can you search for train times for journeys in the UK, but it seems to handle most European countries. For example you can work out that you can take the “train” from Helsinki (yep Finland) to Preston in a mere 44 hours 52 mins!

For the curious: You take a two hour train from Helsinki to Turku, the overnight ferry to Stockholm, then back on the train to Hamburg with a change in Koebenhavn. Another train to Bruxelles (Brussels), the Eurostar to Waterloo, underground to Euston and then a direct train to Preston.

Perhaps more realistically you can do Preston to Venice in just shy of 21 hours, with only 3 changes (excluding the underground)! If you fancy having a play yourself check the timetable site out.

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