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May 27th, 2003

A recommendation of beer

Recommending beer in general is a fairly pointless exercise, it is after all generally regarded fairly highly by most. In this case however I’m recommending a particular brand of beer.

Chimay is readily available, even in the government run wasteland of the LCBO, and is an excellent beer. It’s a Belgian Trappist beer that I was first introduced to after a colleague of mine named a server after it. Be warned however that it is on the fairly strong side, with the red label version running at 7%.

To make matters more interesting it only seems to be sold in 750ml bottles in Toronto.

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May 27th, 2003

RSyncBackup Python Module

I’ve finally got around to uploading my backup scripts, now named RSyncBackup. There are two scripts: RSyncBackup a Python module that provides a convenient interface to rsync, and an example script that demonstrates how to use RSyncBackup.

The RSyncBackup module is the same version that I have running on my machine, and so far I’ve not discovered any bugs with it. If you aren’t familiar with rsync take things slowly with this, otherwise you could end-up with less data than you started with.

If anyone uses this please let me know.

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