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June 10th, 2003

NASA Mars Launch

Mars Express Taking Off Following on from the successful ESA Mars Express launch last week we have the first of a pair of NASA launches to the red planet.

The launch video is almost entirely from the outboard camera, and lasts long enough to see all the way through the various stages. From seeing the ground recede, with roads and buildings clearly visible, to watching the first and second stage separate it’s an great way to spend 6 minutes.

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June 10th, 2003

Weekend update

The weekend was dominated by a combination of food, plants and sun. On Saturday morning we had some particularly good French toast, and in the afternoon we gained some more plants from our landlady. We now have mostly full containers of growing green vegetation on our deck. The weather was nice and warm, and in the evening we went to a friends party .

Sunday was recovery from the aforementioned party, with brunch out, and sitting around in the sun at the Portugal week celebrations. The result of the two days was a touch more sun than is probably recommended for a blond Brit, but not as bad as I’ve had in the past.

In an attempt to make the weekend sound longer than it was we also saw a couple of movies on Friday and Monday night. Friday was Die Another Day, followed by Bend It Like Beckham last night. Both movies are British (sort of), formulaic (definitely), and worth seeing (although BILB is probably the better of the two).

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