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July 2nd, 2003

Post long weekend, the dull stuff

I design my website for CSS1&2 compliant web browsers. In practise this means I design for which ever version of Mozilla I happen to have installed at the time, although I try and avoid anything Mozilla specific. Once I have a design I try and get it working in Internet Explorer 5.5, and thanks to help from Robin I also get some feedback on IE 6.

My original design didn’t work well in IE. The page contents were being laid out underneath the page subject, rather than next to it as it should have been. This, it turns out, is due to flaky support for floating boxes and the clear property in IE. After some considerable messing around I found a work around (only using three instead of four floats) that seems to work in IE 5.5 OK, and the pages still draw fine in Mozilla.

Now I’ve found that IE is putting random white space between some lines on some pages. Not most, just two that I’ve found so far (for example About SimpleTAL), but it’s still very irritating.

So I either need everyone in the world to upgrade from Internet Explorer to a browser that can layout and display basic CSS pages, or I need to find yet another work around for a bug that is best described by the phrase “IE randomly inserts white space in my content when using floats”. I’m not entirely sure which is more likely to happen…

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July 2nd, 2003

Long weekend, the fun stuff

This last weekend was fun. Friday was my birthday featuring Laotian/Thai food at Ban Vanipha, followed by drinks till closing time. Saturday was a house-warming in the dark for Gavin and Lindsay (the power went out due to a fire at the local sub-station).

Sunday was brunch at Mitzi followed by the pride parade. I’ve got 180 photos, mostly of peoples heads, to sort through during a spare moment. There were some really good costumes, and we even spotted some friends in the parade. In the evening was YAP (Yet Another Party), this time out in Mississauga.

Monday was a day of relaxation, and yesterday was Canada day. We spent the evening backing up Shana’s laptop ready for repair, and then went out for the Chin picnic. We heard Gianluca Grignani play, and while he was OK I wouldn’t say that it was the best musical performance I’ve ever listened to. The evening ended with fireworks over Ontario Place, which we could watch from Exhibition Place for free.

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