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July 10th, 2003

A rock and a hard place

According to the BBC the UK government is planning when to admit that there are, and were, no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. That this is happening is of no great surprise, after all if there really had been weapons present they would have been found by now.

At this point however I find myself stuck as to what my preferred outcome would be from this mess. On the one hand we have a PM that has mislead the houses of Parliament, and the country, into supporting a war on false pretences. On the other hand I’m not sure there is anyone who could put together a competent government that didn’t feature the tainted members of the current one, and the alternative of a change in governing party is equally unattractive.

To top it all off, I’m not actually against the outcome that has been achieved in Iraq, it’s the process by which we got there that I find worrying and distasteful. If the current leadership does survive this episode it will inevitably set a precedent for others to follow, and that is probably the most worrying aspect of all.

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