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August 11th, 2003

Tech summary

This tech summary was originally going to be included with the weekend post, but then I thought better of it.

Plugins in PubTal now work, including the Textile one I mentioned earlier. This shall ship as the demonstration plugin, and so provide both a working example and give PubTal support for Textile. My plans are to update the documentation and release version 1.2 before adding any new features. The new features under consideration, and which will probably not be in 1.2, are XHTML support and plugins for adding extra context programmatically.

Bastian Kleineidam has put together a version of SimpleTAL which includes limited support for the Zope Page Templates Internationisation standard (known as i18n). If you are looking for such support check out his page for details of what is supported, and how it works.

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August 11th, 2003

Weekend summary

This weekend we had Shana’s parents brief visit us, which was also coincidently the weekend on which this years Taste of the Danforth was held. The Taste of the Danforth has grown significantly from last year, stretching an extra city block compared to last year. It also had a greater variety of food available than I remember, which is good because while Souvlaki is all well and good, it does leave something to be desired after the first mile of not seeing anything else.

This year there was a significant showing of Japanese and Indian food, along with some Tex-Mex and a handful of other categories of food. It was fairly warm out, so after a couple of hours wandering around I had caught the sun a little across the shoulders, but not so much as to be painful.

On Sunday I finally did some more skating again, along with Shana and Kelli (thanks for the lift!). The first run down the trial and back was fairly slow and painful, but after a rest I found the next trip out and back fairly good. Today I’ve got a few aches to show for it, so it must have been worth while. If I’m really good I’ll try again on Wednesday, but with re-carpeting going on that is unlikely to happen.

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