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September 10th, 2003


February and March of this year were good for weblog postings, but if things keep on at this pace it will be a poor September. For some reason my usual sources of inspiration for writing have not been working. Politics has been, if not boring, at least tedious and partisan. European news is either depressing or mundane as we go through the long process that should eventually lead to the start of the long process of ratifying the new Constitution.

To raise the content of this post I shall point out that, if you don’t do so already, you really should read Schlock Mercenary. It’s a great daily comic and highly worth reading from the beginning of time (which in this case is the 12th of June 2000). If fact it’s worth starting at the beginning so much I’ll even save you the bother of finding the beginning: The Start Of Schlock Mercenary.

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