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October 16th, 2003

First outing of the AbiWord Plugin

I’ve made available the first version of my AbiWord content plugin. This is an experimental release which has undergone light testing. It requires PubTal 2.0: Download AbiWord-Content Plugin.

Features currently supported include:

  • Heading 1,2 and 3.
  • Text styles (bold, italic, etc).
  • Bullet and Number lists.
  • Margin-left offsets.
  • Hyper-links and anchors.
  • Endnotes and Footnotes (which become Endnotes).
  • Tables.
  • PlainText (which is wrapped in <pre><code>)

Things that I haven’t been able to get working yet:

  • Images. There’s nothing particularly sensible I can do with these because the source file isn’t preserved by AbiWord.
  • Different kinds of list (diamond, etc). A bug in Abiword stops good XML being produced for these in the version I’m using.
  • Numbered Headings and Sections. The same XML bug is stopping support for these as well.
  • Page headers and footers. I’m not sure what should be done with these, especially as they can change from page to page and section to section.
  • Font name,colour, etc. I could add support for these but I don’t know whether it’s a good idea. In the web world changing font should really be done through a site level CSS style sheet rather than on a per-page basis. I might make this an option in a future version.

If you download and use this plugin please email me and let me know whether it works for you. I’m using AbiWord 1.99.5, and aside from the unsupported stuff, it seems 100% reliable so far.

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