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October 21st, 2003

Writing web pages in OpenOffice

Writing web page content in OpenOffice is a lot easier than writing pages in a text editor, even though I’ve been using HTMLText rather than raw HTML. The PubTal OpenOffice plugin (available here) works well enough that I could convert my remaining pages over to using PubTal.

I’ve been avoiding moving the last of my archived content over to PubTal because it’s stuff that I don’t really care about any more. With OpenOffice I could just drag and drop existing pages out of my web browser, and then clean up a few things like the relative links. The main benefit of having done this is that all of the pages on my site now validate, and they are all produced using the same template.

I haven’t decided yet whether to convert other pages from HTMLText to OpenOffice, but it’s tempting for ease of maintenance.

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