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November 5th, 2003

Full frills websites

We are planning to be in Venice for Christmas this year, and so we are considering whether we can pop over to the UK for New Year. Looking for a price between Venice and the UK I tried a variety of different airlines, and I’m far more impressed with the “No frills” websites than the normal carriers.

Take for example EasyJet versus BA. With EasyJet you select your language first, then you can select a starting airport, and then a corresponding destination airport. With BA you select your country of residence which in turn dictates both the language and available starting airports.

I live in Canada, can read English, and want to fly from Venice to the UK and back. EasyJet let’s me do this, but BA only let’s me choose between Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver. Unless I learn to read Italian and pretend to live in Italy.

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