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November 9th, 2003

A weekend of photography

I’ve spent most of the weekend messing around with my camera, in the process taking well over 200 photos. I went for a walk in Dufferin Grove park on Saturday morning, and then wandered along College Street for a while. Today I walked along Queen Street West most of the way into downtown. Most the photos I’ve taken are average, but a few good ones came out. I feel like I’m getting better, with more shots turning out than before, but I still have much left to learn.

Squirrel climbing tree. I also need to come up with a system that allows me to manage all of the photos I’m taking in a better fashion. I’ve taken over 600MB of photos in the last week, which means that disk space (particularly on my backup drives) is rapidly becoming an issue. If I archive to CD I will need a way of finding photos that I know I’ve taken, which means I need to associate keywords with each photo.

I’m thinking of using a combination of MySQL and gThumb with some Python scripts acting as glue between them. Description and location information can be entered using gThumb, and then I can bring that into MySQL using some Python scripts. I can then knock together a simple web interface to enable searching of my photos.

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