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November 17th, 2003

Annual Toronto Santa Parade

For the past couple of years, at around this time of year, I’ve heard on the radio adverts and discussion regarding Toronto’s Santa parade. Curiosity about the parade was only one reason that I went to see it this year, the other reason being to take some photos.

Flautists in a marching band.I took over 200 in the space of a couple of hours, and as is the way of these things, half were fairly poor. The weather was heavily overcast with very little light available, so I had to use an ISO 400 setting with the aperture set as wide as I could go (f/3.5-4.5 depending on zoom) just to keep camera shake at bay.

Despite the challenge of the weather I managed to take over a hundred “OK” photos, of which a handful were reasonably good (to my eye at least!). I’ve taken most of these and shrunk them down for my latest public album: The 99th Annual Santa Parade. My favourite of these is the one of the flautists.

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