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December 13th, 2003

Cold water

Last weekend I took a couple of trips out with my camera, on Saturday down to the beaches, and on Sunday to High Park. Out of the numerous photos taken over the course of the two trips there are a few good ones (to my taste at least), and I intend to post them here over time.

Icicles on a rock by Lake Ontario

The trip to the beaches resulted in the more interesting photos. With Lake Ontario being fresh water the beaches are covered in ice at the water’s edge, leading to interesting photography opportunities.

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December 13th, 2003

Constitution updates

No agreement on the EU constitution has been reached, and so the existing mess of rules will continue to be used.

The time when the EU will become more accountable, and more understandable, has been pushed off, in the worst case until 2009. The only glimmer of good news regarding this set back is that the demands of Spain and Poland, for unequal voting rights, was not accepted. Any compromise that does not feature a simple, and justifiable, voting arrangement will only perpetuate the confusion around how the EU works.

In other news I’m off to Mexico tomorrow for a meeting.

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