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January 17th, 2004

Golden glow

San Marco at sunsetI’ve spent a large chunk of today comparing the relative quality of my camera’s JPEG and RAW output formats. I’ve only found one piece of software for Linux that can read the RAW format: dcraw. It seems to be fine at reading the file, but doesn’t apply the 10Ds white balance settings correctly. The output from Canon’s file viewer utility is not much different to the JPEGs, although it does allow you to re-select which white balance setting to use.

Generally it seems that good photo manipulation programs under Linux are non-existent. The GIMP doesn’t handle 16 bit colour channels and has no support for colour profiles, so even ignoring the white balance issues of dcraw, it is hard to get much of an improvement over JPEG.

The image on the right is a detail of part of San Marco, taken in the late afternoon evening sun (click for a larger version).

Things I should turn my attention to: SimpleTAL needs a new release, PubTal has an outstanding issue with OpenOffice 1.1, and I’m long overdue to releasing an updated version of TALAggregator.

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