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February 1st, 2004

Back from Mexico

I got back from Mexico on Friday night. I unexpectedly had some trouble changing my ticket from the Saturday to Friday, but thankfully I could do it in the end. Windmill with aeroplane contrailI was delivering a course, and although there were some serious logistical problems, it seemed to go pretty well.

Yesterday was spent sleeping in and catching up with news. I spent most of today finishing off releases of several pieces of software (see below), and then dashing out of the door to catch the sunset.

I didn’t have much time, so I went down to Exhibition Place. I got a few OK pictures, including some shots of our local windmill. I like this one in particular, even if it isn’t a perfectly composed shot.

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February 1st, 2004

Software updates

I’ve released a trinity of software updates this weekend: PubTal 2.1, SimpleTAL 3.7, and TALAggregator 0.5.

PubTal now includes the OpenOffice plugin by default, which in turn now handles smart quotes and hyphens properly.

SimpleTAL has a had a slew of edge case problems addressed, but no interesting new features.

TALAggregator now has category support, and handles errors better. This version is the same as the one I’ve been running on my machine continously with no problems for months. In an interesting side note: I’ve been using TALAggregator since September 2001, bringing in a total of 9708 articles from 51 different feeds.

I’ve been meaning to get these out for some time as most of the work was done months ago.

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