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February 14th, 2004

Grey day in the park

Grey skies in High ParkWhen I woke this morning there was sun streaming through the window, so I had hopes for good photo opportunities today. By the time I got to High Park, however, the day had turned decidedly grey, with occasional snow being the only highlight.

I had a walk around, but as can be seen from the shot to the right the light just wasn’t up to much. I did find a squirrel in a tree hole, but it was being uncooperative and not coming out for photos.

I got back my prints from Henry’s this week, and they are very good. The colours don’t match the monitor exactly (which is to be expected), but they are far closer than the other prints I’ve had made. I’ll certainly use them in preference to either Blacks or the local development shop.

I’ve been messing around with Jabber again after a long absence. The link with AIM now seems stable, so I can be reached at or wibble103 on AIM if you fancy a chat. Writing code to link with Jabber is very easy, but I’m not sure if I can think of a useful application for it.

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