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April 5th, 2004

New website design

I’ve finally had time to redesign my website. The content hasn’t changed, just the styling of the pages. Getting the CSS to work correctly took far longer than I had hoped, but it is mostly there now. If anyone knows why there are a couple of pixels of white space underneath the side image in Mozilla (on pages with little content), and some more above it in IE (on most pages), I would gladly like to know.

I don’t know how long this design will last. I had something else in mind, but as I started prototyping I found myself working towards this more minimalist design instead. If anyone has any problems in their preferred browser please let me know. Testing done so far includes:

  • Mozilla FireFox 0.8 – occasional strange gap at bottom of side image.
  • Galeon – same as Mozilla.
  • IE 6.0 – strange gap at top of side image.
  • Safari – same as Mozilla.
  • Lynx – works perfectly.

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