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May 3rd, 2004

Expanding fish.

Idle Words has an amusing and informative post about visiting Poland on the eve of join the EU. An interesting theme develops towards the end of the post:

Not only did I now have both an American and a European passport, meaning I could have any Russian bride in the catalog, but it also meant that this silly but deeply beloved country was here for good, was here to stay.

This chimes well with a BBC article that tries to explain the significance of EU expansion in terms of restoring normality to Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile the Tories are promising to withdrawing form the Common Fisheries Policy. This last move is intended to combat falling fish stocks and, simultaneously, increase the amount of fish being caught.

Exactly which 25% of EU regulations are deemed harmful, or how the Tories expect to retain membership of the common market after ditching a quarter of the rules that define it, is left as an exercise for the voter.

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