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May 7th, 2004

Tulip madness

Toronto seems to be crazy about tulips. I hadn’t noticed until this spring, but now that I’m going out of my way to find interesting things to photograph, I seem them everywhere.

Tulips under a branch.This morning I dragged myself out of bed early so that I could take some photos in Trinity Bellwoods park, stopping along the way to snap our, as yet unopened, tulips growing in the garden.

For breakfast I went to Clafouti and picked up a croissant and coffee. I’ve not previously been impressed with their croissants, they were OK but nothing that seemed worthy of giving them the “best in Toronto” label. Today however I tried their chocolate-almond croissant, and I have to say it was one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a while.

On my way home from work I stopped by Osgoode Hall to take some more photos, again mostly dominated by Tulips. This shot jumped out at me when I took it, and looking through the days images, it still strikes me as particularly good.

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