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June 27th, 2004

Vintage festival

Coffin in a hearse.Today we stumbled across a vintage festival on Queen street west. The festival was small, consisting of one band, one fashion show, some vintage cars, and several stalls selling “vintage” (old) items.

The selection of old cars and the fashion show provided a good opportunity for some photography. The sun was high and bright, which meant sharp shadows and difficult exposure metering. The hearse, complete with coffin, was the most interesting car to photograph. The scene it presented was a challenge. Bright sun was shining down on the end of the coffin, and the inside of the car was very dark. The open doors created both visual frames, which could be useful, and obstructions that tended to break up the picture.

I think this shot works. It would have been good to get more of the car in shot, but the doors were extremely distracting.

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