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July 1st, 2004

Canada Day

Fireworks on Canada DayIt is the tail end of the Canada Day, and we’ve just come down from our deck where we watched the fireworks. While our deck doesn’t provide as good a view as exhibition place, it does feature more wine and an easier trip home.

Earlier today we went along to the Jazz and Graffiti event taking place in Nathan Phillips Square. The music provided by Blues Under Dog (warning: chronically bad website) wasn’t really Jazz, but was listen-able to. I took some OK pictures of the band, and the graffiti artists at work. These will be posted at some later point, for now here’s one of the fireworks (cropped from the full picture).

It took me a few goes to find appropriate settings for taking these firework photos. I settled on 1s and an aperture of 5.6f. I could have probably got better results with a 70-200mm that is currently on back order, but they still came out fairly well.

Happy Canada Day!

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