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July 11th, 2004

Absolution Gap

Graffiti artist at work.I’ve recently finished reading Alastair Reynolds’ Absolution Gap, the fourth book in a series consisting of Chasm City, Revelation Space, and Redemption Ark.

Absolution Gap is much closer in style to Revelation Space and Redemption Ark than to Chasm City. The characters once again find new alien species and have adventures with galaxy wide implications.

Although the book is an interesting read I found the story hurried. The characters don’t have time to develop and rather than behaving in a particular way, the author resorts to telling the reader what the characters are like. Overall I’ve found the series readable enough to keep going, but not good enough to recommend to others. The exception to this is Chasm City, which is the most interesting of all of them, and can be read standalone.

(The photograph was taken at Nathan Phillips Square on Canada Day during the graffiti art demonstration).

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