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July 29th, 2004

Software updates

Mixed sweet peppers.The ongoing story regarding Mozilla’s market share is interesting to follow. When Mozilla was first released to the unsuspecting public in the form of Netscape 6.0 there was little talk about growing market share numbers. This was entirely fair given the dire state of the Mozilla browser at the time – slow and crash prone.

Now that the Mozilla platform has matured significantly and Firefox is the standard bearer, things are looking much better. The news that IE’s market share dropped 1% last month might not seem like big news, but it is the first time it has dropped in the last 5 years.

The rise of Mozilla and other non-IE browsers can be seen more dramatically among the more technical-aware, with IE usage dropping from 85% to 79% on w3schools. Hopefully the upcoming 1.0 release of Firefox will help raise awareness of better web browsers among the general population.

I’ve released version 3.10 of SimpleTAL to address a significant defect that Aadish Shrestha found regarding nested repeats and attributes.

(Photo taken a St. Lawrence Market)

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