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August 7th, 2004

Halifax in the rain

Pink rose with water dropplets.The waterfront of Halifax is almost dedicated to tourists. There are a selection of restaurants, pavilions, and tacky gift shops interwoven around a wooden boardwalk. Mooring space appears plentiful, and at least this week, very underused.

My impression is that most visitors to Halifax do not stay more than a couple of days. This weeks entertainment is in the form of a busker festival, which features a slow rotation of artists who continue to draw significant crowds despite repeating the same set multiple times per day.

When we arrived here the weather was warm at around 27C, yet with a pleasant breeze and a few clouds to provide occasional shade. Yesterday however it turned for the worse, with showers all day long. Today is no better, which means that the whale watching I had planned for today will not be taking place.

Yesterday I spent some time in the Natural History Museum. The museum features a small section on geology and dinosaurs, but is mostly dedicated to the history and wildlife of Nova Scotia. The history exhibit on Nova Scotia starts well enough, but then skips several thousand years of history with no explanation. The focus on local wildlife however was very successfully put together. The mini-exhibit on Sable Island was interesting, but limited in the amount of information included.

Following the trip to the museum I wandered into a local park to take some pictures in the rain. A few of the flower pictures came out fairly well, and I expect that I’ll end up taking similar photos today.

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