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November 6th, 2004

Software Updates

I have just released new versions of SimpleTAL, PubTal, and RSyncBackup as well as introducing a new piece of software WSGIUtils.

Toronto's WaterfrontUntil recently I was using Mod_Python as a development platform for a couple of different web applications. Unfortunately I kept stumbling across nasty bugs that I kept having to work around. The development mailing list for Mod_Python consists of people reporting bugs and patches with no action being taken on the part of the maintainers, so these bugs are likely to remain for the foreseeable future. I’ve now moved over to using WSGI for web development, and in the process create a few libraries to aid development. I’ve bundled these together as WSGIUtils and hope that others in the Python community will find them useful.

The new release of PubTal now includes installation instructions for Linux, MacOS X and Windows. The recently added support for auto-generation of   is included as well as a small re-arrangement of the manual.

Fixes included in the latest version of RSyncBackup and SimpleTAL address mostly minor defects but are well worth getting. I’ve also decided to stop maintaining TALAggregator. I’ll leave the website information intact, but I’m not actively developing this any further.

(Photo shows an alternative view of Toronto’s waterfront – taken off Cherry Street.)

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