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December 1st, 2004

WSGI update & open office frustration

Cloudy skies, dark islands.Following a discussion on the Python Web SIG mailing list I’ve made some corrections and enhancements to WSGIUtils. In the previous release applications could only register with the WSGIServer for a particular URL. Now applications will receive all requests that are made for that URL and all paths beneath that URL.

In addition I’ve modified the API for wsgiAdaptor to make it more logical. I’ve also included a new method (sendFileForPath) that will send a file from the filesystem for the given path. The API modifications do require small changes to be made to any application written against wsgiAdaptor, but should improve overall usability.

I’ve released these updates as version 0.3. Feedback and bug reports are always welcome!

This photo would be better if I’d been able to expose the islands for longer without washing out the sky. I appreciate the mood that the cloudy skies and sunlight reflection create, but the photograph is lacking enough that I almost didn’t post it. The curve of light on the ocean is pleasing, but with more time and a lower position I could have improved on the composition considerably.

I’ve recently been struggling with the OpenOffice distribution that is included with Fedora Core Release 3 (FC3). I’ve encountered three major defects, and only found fixes for two of them:

  1. Right clicking on misspelled words causes OpenOffice to use all the system memory and crash. The work around is to manually edit the list of dictionaries installed on the system to just the ones you need.
  2. If you’re locale is set to en-gb OpenOffice will attempt to use British English templates and other localised resources. Unfortunately FC3 doesn’t include these, causing numerous problems. The work around is to manually change all references to ‘english_uk’ in the Paths configuration to ‘english’ instead.
  3. Highlighted text in a multiline Text Box is automatically changed from black to white. This causes the text to disappear, and there no way to get it back except to highlight it. Changing the text box to single line solves the problem, but I need multiline to be able to read all the data in this database field!

If anyone has any suggestions for the third problem I’d by happy to hear them!

Overall the number of defects I’ve hit in FC3 has been far higher than the number I encountered with FC2. Parts of the desktop (particularly Evolution and the Gnome panel) crash more frequently than they did in FC2, various processes (again Evolution is the worst culprit) leak memory and overall memory consumption seems to have gone up.

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