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December 27th, 2004

Moving to London

As many of my readers will already know, my job situation is resolved. I will be rejoining Amdocs in the UK, based in London. The role is a new one for me, and should allow me to build on my existing project management skills.

Snow patches on the fields.Moving to London entails finding somewhere to live, a task that will start in earnest in the second week of January. Ideally I will find a spacious two bed room flat on a quiet road within a good neighbourhood that is inside zone one or two. I’ve received some advice on places to look that are likely to be within my price range. Muswell Hill looks promising, if further out from the centre than I had hoped for. Islington is another option but seems to be rather more pricey.

Hopefully I won’t have to spend more than a few days looking, before I find something that I like. If I haven’t found a property to rent within a week of looking I will have to be more flexible in my criteria.

Tomorrow we are going to York to meet up with old friends. It’s been too long since we’ve last seen everyone, something that will hopefully not recur now that we are once again based in the UK.

We had a white Christmas this year, the first for many years. On boxing day we went for a walk, and there were still remnants of snow left in the fields.

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