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August 13th, 2006

Visiting the coast

South Downs at Beachy HeadIt was a good day out despite the weather. Setting off in late morning I started the drive to the coast in drizzle and grey skies. As I got hungry I kept an eye out for somewhere to eat, plumping for a nice looking pub in Tunbridge Wells. The Weavers has both a restaurant and bar menu, with interesting sounding food hosted on both. I went with a jacket potato, topped with sausage and chili jam and accompanied by a salad. It’s an unusual combination, but it worked well, in part thanks to the balance provided by the salad, particularly the olives.

After lunch I pushed on to Eastbourne where the weather broke and became a mixture of sunshine and showers for the rest of the day. The pebble beach was fairly quiet, with most people sticking to the promenade. Although the pier dominates the water front I was more interested in getting to the views of the south downs that lie further west.

The next stop before returning home was Beachy Head, which provides great views of Eastbourne and a sharp contrast to the seaside town. The South Downs at this point are extremely windswept with the few trees around bent over in the prevailing wind.

We are now planning our summer trip. The basic aim is to drive north, spending some time in the Lake District before getting into Scotland. We’ll only have a week, so need to plan carefully to avoid spending too many days doing solid driving. There’s two B&B / Restaurants in the Lake District that we are interested in, so we should be able to get to at least one of them. My only particular target in Scotland is to find some good scenery to photograph and visit Edinburgh.

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