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May 12th, 2007

Games and Jabber

WindmillRayman Raving Rabbids has one of the most addictive game elements I’ve yet seen on the Wii: rhythmic rabbits. It’s very simple, just moving the remote and nunchuck in time to the musical beat. In practise however it’s fairly challenging to get the timing just right, especially as the beat varies during the song.

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition is proving to be a fairly difficult game. It’s not hard to do the missions – these seem to be of a consistently do-able standard. The hard piece is the more free-form part of the game, where ending up dead is all too easy. When I’m not getting “Iced”, I find my extortion efforts hampered by the tendency for shop keepers to die on me during the persuasion exercise. My favourite part so far is the driving, the way the cars you take vary in performance, and how much chaos you can cause is very amusing.

I wish that my hosting service (HostingZoom) offered Jabber support. It’s a pain to have my Jabber ID tied to another domain (currently Googlemail) rather than being part of Especially irritating is that vcard updates on google talk don’t seem to work – leaving me no way to including my website in my personal information.

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