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August 3rd, 2009

Old photos

Cat sitting in the sunshine on a grave

Cat sitting in the sunshine on a grave

I usually wait a while, often months, before going through my photos to pick out the good ones.  This has a number of disadvantages, particularly when it comes to remembering the names of places, but it does allow me to forget which photos I thought would be good at the time I took them.  This is particularly useful as I otherwise have a tendency to not really look at the photos critically, but rather to skim through them looking for the one that I thought would work.

I’ve started working through 2008’s collection now, and having made it to September I’ve rediscovered a number of nice shots.  The one attached to this post to my eye works really well, but at the time I was discounting it (and a few others like it) as not being ideal because I could not find a way to get the cat to look at the camera.  Now that I can see the results I’m glad that the picture has turned out this way.  It feels a much more natural shot than it would otherwise be.

There are still another 760 or so photos to go through before I’ve cleared the backlog.  I really do need to catch up as I’ve already skipped ahead a number of occasions, making it easy to forget which photos I’ve been through and which still need sorting.  I could start marking them to keep track I suppose, but then I’d have greater excuse to postpone going through them properly.

About a year ago my small camera bag developed a broken zip, which has resulted in me having to use my backpack for carrying the camera around.  This made carrying the camera a serious commitment, which resulted in fewer photos being taken.  For my birthday I’ve been given a new small camera bag, so I now need to get back into the habit of carrying my camera with me again.

2 responses to “Old photos”

  1. S. Worthen says:

    Was this at Fitchingfield, where you may be heading right this minute?

  2. colin says:

    Yes – in fact I saw the same cat today!

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